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Sunday, November 7, 7:00 p.m.
Joe’s Cafe, 6014 Kingsbury, 63112

Our winners for 2010 included:

The Archive (bookstore on Cherokee Street)
Bad Shoe (literary magazine)
Robert Duffy (
John Foster (Accidental Mysteries)
Shannon Howard (
Danielle Lee (Urban Science Adventures)
Midnite Rockers (KDHX, Erica Lewis and Ital Kae)
Val Schweickhardt (Metro Animal Resource Services)
Sir Watermelon (aka Karl Kindt, knight)
Sleepy Kitty (musicians, artists, ambassadors of cool)
Joan Suarez (advocate and activist)
Eduardo Vigil (KDHX ticketing czar; honor delayed to 2011)
Raven Wolf (musician)
Plus our Mystery Award Winner… who turned out to be Jeff and Randy Vines of!

But here’s a wonderful article from the, written by winner Robert Duffy. Lovely, lovely piece!

Shannon Howard blogged about the event at her

There’s a short piece at the TOKY site, featuring John Foster.

And here’s a link to more video, of Erin and Elly reading, compliments of saintlouisprojects.

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