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VENUE: Gallery Urbis Orbis


Andrea Avery: Artist, arts organizer at Mad Art Gallery
Aaron Belz: Poet, teacher, founder of Readings at the Contemporary (later, Observable Readings)
Terrell Carter: Artists, adjunct faculty at Forest Park Community College
Mo Costello: Co-founder and proprietor of MoKaBe’s, advocate of many progressive causes
Andrea Dunn: Programmer of KDHX’s “Radio Rio,” organizer at Missouri ProVote
Fort Gondo: Arts collective and gallery space
Neil Harris and Rusty Woody: Founders and barkeeps at the Alternative Music Pub or AMP
Brandyn Jones: Special Assistant to the President of the St. Louis Board of Aldermen; arts activist and board member
Luigi Lahrman: Vendor, Luigi’s Flowers at Soulard Market
Maid Rite: Eclectic, all-female musical act
Mary Sue Rosenthal: Director of Operations, Food Outreach
Kraig Schnitzmeier: Developer of Historic Homes Inc.


Stella Burlacu: The inspiration for the original, Austin-based Kick-Ass Awards though a resident of St. Louis

NOTES: Our first annual event, held at a full Gallery Urbis Orbis in Downtown St. Louis… A lengthy prayer by honoree (and KA Awards muse) Stella Burlacu provided one of the most interesting social dynamics in all of the Kick Ass ceremonies… The members of the Fort Gondo collective wore awesome, matching jumpers… Winners Andrea Avery and Brandyn Jones would both go on to join co-founders Stefene Russell and Thomas Crone as future organizers of the event… We miss AMP and Maid Rite…. Rest in Peace, Luigi Larhman.

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