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VENUE: Gallery Urbis Orbis


Michael R. Allen: Blogger, preservationist, architectural historian
John Burse:
Architect, advocate of Old North St. Louis
Ivy Cooper:
Art critic for The Riverfront Times
Cynthia Daly:
Volunteer for Stray Rescue
Dylan Hassinger:
Blogger and host of KDHX show “Good Times”
Stephen and Sara Hale:
Slow Food leaders and founder of Art Outside
Ann Haubrich:
Cultural activist, founder of CAT and co-producer of “Literature for the Halibut”
Teresa Mithen:
Rector of South City’s St. John’s Episcopal Church
Claire Nowak-Boyd:
Preservationist, explorer, blogger, firecracker
The Publishing Group:
Collective of writers and artist running an independent after-school arts program
Peter Venezia: Trendsetter, pied piper, businessman
Webster University Film Series:
Purveyors of indie, foreign, documentary and forgotten films

MYSTERY WINNER(S): Alan Brunettin and Margie Newman, owners of Gallery Urbis Orbis

HELP: Our list is incomplete by one. Can you help us ID our missing winner?

NOTES: This was our second year at the amazing and long-lamented Urbis Orbis, which shuttered not long after our event. It was truly a magnet for creativity during its time in Downtown St. Louis.

PRESS: RFT Article

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