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VENUE: Joe’s Cafe


The Angry Black Bitch: Blogger extraordinaire Shark-Fu
The Fox Hole: Good-spirited sports talk from Martin Kilcoyne, Maurice Drummond and Andy Strickland
Lucas Hudson: Editor of The Vital Voice and marketmaster of the the Old North Farmer’s Market
The International Institute: Long-running resource center for new Americans in our region
Kosha Irby: Associate Athletic Director at Saint Louis University
George Malich: Actor and instant fun maker
Stephanie Pollack: Founder of the delicious and delightful Cupcake Project
Wiley Price: Veteran staff photographer of the St. Louis American
Phil Valko: Old North rehabber, avid cyclist and 20-something ass-kicker within progressive causes
Lori E. White: Blogger, urban explorer, dancer, actress
Josh Wiese: Musician, neighborhood activist, all-around-good-guy
Floyd Wright: Neighborhood anchor


Steven Fitzpatrick Smith: Owner of The Royale, social/civic gadabout


The Baby Billiken: Long-closeted, pint-sized mascot at SLU makes a triumphant, public return

NOTES: The audience was treated to a stirring rendition of the National Anthem via Lori White… The Baby Billiken gave awards to The Fox Hole and Kosha Irby… Winner Floyd Wright was essentially a Mystery Winner, as his friends had not told him of the win, prior to arriving… A standing-room-only attendance in our first year at Bill Christman’s unique venue.

MORE: Lori White Sings National Anthem at Kick Ass Awards

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